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Take control of your lashes!

Miralash is a revolutionary eyelash enhancer. Its ingredients make it exceptional and much more effective than other enhancers. Recommended by cosmetologists, Miralash is constantly in the centre of attention of women around the world.

Miralash is the key to long, thick and luscious lashes.


Serum for eyelashes
Miralash formula makes lashes longer and thicker. The lash enhancer also makes them seem darker. With Miralash you can have gorgeous lashes in a very short time.

Serum eyelashes
High effectiveness of Miralash has been confirmed during tests. 67% of women testers noticed an improvement in lash thickness, 80% of testers noticed stronger lashes and 87% of them confirmed the overall improvement in lash condition.

Even the best results are good for nothing if irritation or other unwanted symptoms occur. Miralash is safe – there were no irritations, allergies or other side effects reported.
Serum for eyelashes


Think Miralash – see long and thick lashes.

Miralash has been formulated after long months of research and testing. The enhancer is effective, safe and reliable. Miralash has set high standards in the field of eyelash enhancers while other brands strive to match up to it.

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How does it work?

Do you have an impression that your lashes are short, weak and sparse? Miralash is exactly for you!

The innovative Miralash formula makes the lash growth phase longer. Eyelashes become fuller and stronger. All these factors contribute to the unique action of Miralash eyelash enhancer.

For best results, Miralash needs to be used every day. After removing makeup for the night, apply it to the upper eyelid at the roots of your lashes. The bottle (3ml) is enough for 4-5 months of daily use. Thanks to special applicator brush, the application is extremely easy.

Serum for eyelashes

3 steps to your dream lashes

Step 1 Remove your makeup and dry the skin around your eyes.

Step 2 Apply the enhancer at the roots of your lashes.

Step 3 Feel beautiful and enjoy your new look!

A miracle of science

Miralash has undergone rigorous tests at independent laboratories. The conducted tests have confirmed its effectiveness and safety. Miralash formula extends lash growth and slows down the lash falling process.

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Who is it for?

Miralash has been formulated for women wishing to have long, full and strong lashes. It is perfect for women who have naturally short and weak lashes, use false lashes or have had lash extensions.

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Specially selected ingredients of Miralash stimulate lash growth and make lashes thicker, longer and stronger. Miralash has been enriched with natural extracts such as ginseng and nettle extract to protect gentle eye area. This way we guarantee complete safety of use.

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Serum for eyelashes


The tests conducted under the supervision of a dermatologist-allergist have confirmed that the enhancer did not cause any side effects, irritations or allergies. The product was gentle on the skin and eyes and fulfilled the declared functional properties. The tests have confirmed that Miralash is an effective eyelash enhancer.

Serum for eyelashes

Money back guarantee

We are convinced our enhancer is highly effective, therefore we give you 100% money back guarantee on every unopened package.

You can return the product any time you want, if you think it did not meet your expectations.


Be one of them!

Conditioner for eyelashes
I consider myself as a kind of an expert on eyelash enhancers. I've tested many of them and I think I know quite a lot. Miralash is the best of the best – it's effective, the results are fast and long-lasting, and it won't break the bank. It's also very effective and gentle on your skin. To sum up: it gives you everything you'd expect from a perfect enhancer. Agatha, 23